Kiteboarding 101 – Before you Ride…

Respect Everyone is out at the ocean to have a great time and while we will be using kites, others will be enjoying the wind, water, and sun in other ways. Treat others as you would want to be treated. Your Gear When it’s crowded, try to keep your kite lines wound up as this […]

What are the Ideal Winds for Kiteboarding

When it comes to kiteboarding the wind is everything, though it is possible to go in any direction you want regardless of the wind for the beginner that isn’t so easy.  Moving upwind is far more challenging than going downwind, what are the ideal winds for kiteboarding?   Ideally you want winds that flow parallel to […]

Channel Hopping

In the early hours of this morning we returned from a wonderful trip to the Channel Islands. It was all the more excellent because in truth, we had had no idea what to expect and what we found was a real revelation. Trip was decided on at short notice, what with Scotland (our originally planned […]