Kite Boarding: A Brief Intro

Kite surfing is an incredible sport, the number of things you can do with your board and your kite are nearly limitless. Don’t believe me check out this gnarly compilation video of some of the world’s best kite surfers.

At the minute forty two mark, a kite surfer does a hand plant (rea hand not face!) while zipping along the ocean, pretty incredible stuff. Kite surfing is unique in the sense that you can use so many different types of boards. Some guys use surf boards, other folks use paddle boards and of course plenty of guys use wake boards. Each board allows you to do different things, obviously the wake board you’re strapped in which means you can go air borne without holding onto the board. However, it’d be pretty tough to surf with a wakeboard, which is why some choose to use a surf board when they plan on surfing.